In many ways, Amee Janus’ life story is synonymous with the American Dream. Amee was born in India in 1974 and two years later her parents brought Amee and her two older brothers to the United States. Like many others before them since the time this country was founded, they came seeking more opportunity for their family.

Originally settling in Chicago, the Surati family moved to the small suburb near Park Ridge when Amee was five. Amee graduated from Maine Township High School East in 1993 and, like millions of other ambitious middle class Americans, continued her education at a local community college while holding down a full time job.

In 2001, Amee met Richard Janus while working at a major pharmaceutical company in Lake County, Illinois. They married a year later and she moved to Kenosha County Wisconsin. In 2005, Amee and Richard had their first daughter, Melina. Keira was born shortly later in 2006. Amee started her own online business to help support the family while still a stay at home mom. She returned to the work force in 2008 as Systems Support Analyst. After that job was outsourced she enrolled at Gateway Technical College to expand her professional skills.

During this time she founded the Wisconsin Initiative Safety Education program known as WISE. This program was in the great American tradition of solving local problems from the grass roots up. Amee started WISE to get drivers to slow down in neighborhood streets so children could play safely near their homes. Now a mother of two children, she was, and continues to be a dedicated advocate for pedestrian safety.

As someone who has personally experienced many of the issues American workers face in today’s economy - losing jobs to overseas workers, making less than male colleagues doing the same work, struggling to cover the cost of continuing education under a state administration that has cut support for public education - Amee has a real world understanding of the challenges hardworking American families face every day. She wants to represent the thousands of Americans whose voices are not being heard by career politicians.